Volunteer Opportunities!

She Rock She Rock is always in need of volunteers!


Our committees help make our programs happen! They are collaborative and creative efforts to grow our mission and reach new audiences. We currently have three committees:

Fundraising Committee meets once a month to promote and grow the fundraising efforts of the organization. This includes fundraising events, individual donors, corporate donors and business sponsorships. 

Communications Committee meets once every other month to to grow external communications including newsletters, press releases, flyering and special events.

Intersectionality Committee meets once every other month to evaluate current programs and develop new programming with a focus on intersectional inclusiveness. Help us bring She Rock She Rock’s work into new spaces, and encourage new teachers, workshop facilitators, and participants to engage with the organization!

If you're interested in joining a committee, email Krissandra (Chair of our Board of Directors) at krissandra@sherocksherock.com


Help out She Rock staff during the Girls N Roll Retreat in July 2022. We are currently looking for volunteers to 1) organize and haul band equipment, 2) manage booths at concert venues, and 3) host out-of-town campers for one week. Email Jenny if interested at jenny@sherocksherock.com.


Assist Jeannine (Managing Director) by researching and keeping track of potential funding opportunities, their requirements, and deadlines. Full description here, email Jeannine at jeannine@sherocksherock.com if interested.


If you are interested in or have experience in the nonprofit finance field and are looking to analyze/summarize She Rock’s financial history, research recommendations for budget organization and/or assist with payment data entry, we would love to hear from you! Please email Jeannine at jeannine@sherocksherock.com.


We are always looking for people to donate their artistic talents to create flyers, posters, logos, t-shirt designs, etc for She Rock She Rock. Email Jeannine (Managing Director) at jeannine@sherocksherock.com if interested.

***We welcome girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks to volunteer in leadership and mentorship positions such as leading a committee or workshop. Non-leadership roles, such as flyering or running our merch table, are open to anyone passionate about our cause. ****

Have another creative, volunteer idea? Contact jeannine@sherocksherock.com.