Rock n Roulette Fundraiser

She Rock She Rock is excited to present our fourth annual Rock n Roulette; a fundraising event that will help you form a new band, write new songs and play a rad show, all while fundraising on behalf of the organization!

Women, trans and nonbinary musicians and supporters will register (for free!) to be put into a fundraising band. SR2 staff members will then place everyone who registers into bands based off of location, genre/music preferences, etc. You will then get about nine weeks to write up to two original songs and one cover song! And of course, you will also fundraise for She Rock She Rock! Each band will get their own fundraising page that they can easily edit and customize to spread the word about the organization with the goal to raise $1,500 each. 

Event Details

Kick-Off Event
When: September
Event Details: Help us kick off the Rock n Roulette season! Meet your band, make a fundraising plan and enjoy a pint! All are welcome!
Event Link! 

Final Show
Where: Part Wolf
When: November 7th, 2020; 7-11pm
Event Details: 
Tickets Details:
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There are two ways to participate in the Rock n Roulette Fundraiser:

-Open to women, trans and nonbinary musicians, ages 19+
-Must have instrument experience (at least one year of experience is recommended)
-Will be placed into a band as an instrumentalist
-----Most bands will have 4-5 musicians/fundraisers and some bands will have an additional 'band supporter'
-Will fundraise on behalf of the band
-Will create two original songs and learn a cover
-Will perform at the final showcase
-Will fundraise on behalf of the band

-Open to women, trans and nonbinary folks, ages 19+
-Will be placed with a band as a supporter
-Will fundraise on behalf of the band
-Will support and encourage the band's fundraising efforts
-Will attend the final showcase


Who can participate in Rock n Roulette?
Rock n Roulette is open to women, trans and nonbinary musicians, ages 19 and over.  You do not have to have past experience participating in She Rock She Rock programs to participate in Rock n Roulette! This year, we will have two ways to participate in Rock n Roulette! The first way is to sign up as an instrumentalist and be put in a band! The second way is to sign up as a band supporter (non-musicians welcome!). Both roles will be expected to fundraise for a band!

The final show will be open to anyone in the community who wants to support the amazing bands that will be formed!

What is a band supporter?
This role is for folks who want to help fundraise with a band but who are not musicians or don't have as much time to be placed in a band. A band supporter will be assigned to one band and their role will be to fundraise with the band, support the band on their fundraising efforts and be the band's fan!!!

Do I have to fundraise to participate?
Yes! Each band will have a goal of $1,500, and we promise that it's not that scary! We have a great website that your band will be able to use to fundraise. Plus, if your band is made up of 5 people, you'd only be responsible for $300. If you got ten of your fans to donate $30, you'd make your goal!

Why do you need us to fundraise?
She Rock She Rock is able to provide our empowering programs through the generosity of several donors each year. You will be able to connect us to even more awesome donors which will help us do even more empowering programs, workshops and events.

Do I have to own an instrument to participate in Rock n Roulette?
No! SR2 would be happy to loan you an instrument or any other gear you may need while you are practicing with your Rock n Roulette band. Additionally, we will provide all the backline (drum sets, amps, etc) at the show.

Do I have to rent/own a practice studio to participate in a band?
You do not, but someone in your band will! We will put bands together where at least one member has a space for the band to write their songs.

How much experience do I have to have in order to participate as a band member?
We suggest having at least one year of experience on your instrument and/or past experience in a She Rock Program (like GRRR, WRRR or BBG).

Can our band do cover songs? How long will our set be?
We are encouraging bands to do two original songs and no more then one cover song. Bands will get up to 15 minutes for their set so plan accordingly!

Why can't men participate?
Everyone is welcome to support the bands at the final show and while they are fundraising. However, we are limiting the band members to be folks that our mission serves as we believe that women, trans and nonbinary musicians often face discrimination in the community. So, we want to provide a platform for them to create music in a community that is safe and supportive.

Okay, I'm gonna do this! How do I register?
Keep scrolling for the registration link! We'll keep registration open until September 6th! At that time, we will email you information about your brand new band!


REGISTER HERE as a Musician!

REGISTER HERE as a Band Supporter!