She Rock She Rock’s (SR2) Points of Unity is a working document that outlines our core values. We commit to revisiting and rewriting this document as the needs of our communities evolve.

This document uses language and bold ideas that came from Girls Rock Camp Alliance, Girls Rock Philly, Girls Rock Rhode Island, Girls Rock Chicago, and the many SR2 committee and community members who shared their passion, expertise and experience.

Our work is a direct attempt to amplify voices that have been told to be silent. Our programming aims to provide the tools for all participants to find and amplify their voices through fearless artistic expression, composition, collaboration, and creativity - regardless of skill level.

We recognize folks who experience discrimination and oppression as it relates to age, race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, and disability are underrepresented in music. We are aware of these barriers and commit to creating a supportive, welcoming, and accessible space for all ages to learn and create music. We believe in the power of creative self-expression by leveraging technology through music.

Our motto is “I rock!” instead of apologizing when we make mistakes while learning. We support each other in moments of doubt and awkwardness, knowing it takes courage to risk failure. We celebrate mistakes as part of the learning process. We will reframe our ignorance into opportunities to grow.

We believe in creating a collaborative network that supports each other artistically, professionally and sometimes, personally. We understand that empathy holds space for shared learning. We believe there is space for all of us. Our work benefits from sharing power, leadership, knowledge and access to equipment and spaces.

We believe that access to technology can support those who face discrimination and oppression. It is essential to increase visibility and access to equipment needed for creative self-expression in underserved communities that have been repeatedly denied resources because of age, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, or education. We believe that communities benefit and become stronger when technology and access to its benefits is shared by all.

We view conflict as a healthy opportunity to change, communicate, and lean into challenges. We believe in creating brave spaces that value and support our community members and their music. We work to build safe(r) spaces for all. Harassment, bullying, and other abuses of power are unwelcome in our community and will not be tolerated. We will hold each other accountable and have a clear process for dealing with harassment and collectively and individually taking responsibility for our actions.

Social Change
We value equity in all its forms and root ourselves in intersectional feminism. We work to dismantle intersecting systems of oppression and acknowledge that they do not affect us equally. We commit ourselves to social justice by recognizing and elevating those most oppressed.

We commit to learning new habits that sustain our vision, and will continue to educate ourselves in practices that promote equity, mutual respect, and critical consciousness.

We believe that every person has the right to self-determine their own gender, sexual identity, and expression. Through our programs, the multitude of gender identities that exist within our communities are represented and honored.

By valuing our youth and their ideas, we are able to evolve with the ever changing needs of the world.