GRRR:SE Youth Waiver

Camper waiver to participate in She Rock She Rock’s Girls Rock n Roll Retreat: Studio Edition, hereafter known as “GRRR:SE”.

I understand and agree:

  • I retain full supervisory responsibility for any and all activities that happen as a part of GRRR:SE.

  • Camp staff refers to adults who have been screened, approved and trained and are paid independent contractors

  • I will not expect camp staff to provide supervision for my child.

  • I understand that participation in these events is at my and my child’s own risk. While measures are being taken to manage any risk, there is still the risk that something unexpected may happen. If my child gets hurt while participating in any GRRR:SE activity or activity recommended by GRRR:SE, I will assume full responsibility.  

  • That if my child is under 13 years of age, I will maintain and supervise any online accounts that they may participate in.

  • That if my child is 13 or over, I am giving them permission to participate in any GRRR:SE activity that they may access through their own social media or other online accounts

  • That if my child or I upload any photos or videos of my child, our family and/or their activities, I am giving permission for them to be used and shared publicly.

  • I understand that two-way classes or group sessions that my child participates in will be closed and will only allow registered participants and approved staff and volunteers to participate.

  • For all two-way classes, like a Zoom class, I will ensure that my child is appropriately dressed and that the computer and camera that they are using does not show inappropriate things in our home. If staff notice something on your child’s video that staff determines is not appropriate, they will turn off your child’s video until the issue is resolved.

  • Appropriate behavior for participants will be expected. Camp staff will review appropriate and inappropriate behaviors with campers. Bullying, including cyberbullying, during a session or outside of a session is not appropriate. Issues and consequences will be addressed with camper and parent including and not limited to temporary or permanent removal from GRRR:SE.

  • I understand that my child may be in either a screenshot and/or video record. These artifacts may be used by She Rock She Rock for current or future advertisements. 

  • I agree to follow and to ensure that my child(ren) follow the She Rock She Rock Electronic Communication Policy that states:

    • Any private (one to one) electronic communication between staff and youths, including the use of social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, instant messaging, texting, etc is prohibited. 

    • All communication between staff and youths must be transparent and public.

      • Example: 

        • They may communicate on group sites where anyone who is a member can see the conversation

        • Email communication is preferred to be between the parent and camp staff/volunteer

        • Email communication to the child will include at least two approved volunteers

        • They may communicate in private media set up for two-way classes and discussion groups. Such as a Zoom class. These will be always facilitated by at least two approved adults with at least two children and one approved adult in each breakout room. The overall facilitators may join any breakout room at any time.

I agree that SR2 is not liable for any equipment that is damaged or broken in the course of the camp due to the actions of my child.

SR2 or any of its sponsors may use photos, videos, and/or audio recordings of your child which may be selected for use in display ads, promotional materials, for offline and online marketing promotion.