GRRR: Studio Edition Tuition

Thank you for your interest in Girls Rock n Roll Retreat!  
Please read this whole page BEFORE beginning your registration.
Please note that our financial aid process has changed from previous years in order to better serve our community and simplify the process. Read on for more information!


As an intersectional, feminist organization, we continually work to recognize and help dismantle the ways in which systems of oppression impact our work and the lives of campers and their families. We strive to make camp accessible to all applicants, regardless of their economic resources. Through annual fundraising and donations from grants, sponsors and individuals (thanks to MRAC and MSAB for much of the scholarship money we have this year), we are able to subsidize tuition for ALL campers. The actual cost to the organization of each camper is approximately $650, while the full tuition rate is set at only $400 In addition, we utilize a “sliding scale” model for tuition to make camp accessible to as many girls, trans and nonbinary youth who wish to attend as possible. In the sliding scale model, you determine your tuition based on your income, with the help of our guidelines. 

The chart below offers suggested tuition rates based on a household’s shared annual income, assuming 3-5 folks in the household. Tuition may be made in installments**.  We know that some families face financial challenges for which they are under- or unsupported, such as extreme medical costs, costs to support those with disabilities, costs related to transitioning, and more, and that all families’ resources, and access to resources, look different. We also understand that in light of the COVID19 pandemic, folks financial situations look different. Please select the tuition that is most appropriate, given your financial resources. At the same, time, please be extremely thoughtful about paying what you can — we rely heavily on tuition to make camp happen. It is in the spirit of the sliding scale model, and in the spirit of community, to pay what we can, when we can.

**If you need to pay in installments (via a credit card) please pay here**.  Do NOT use this link unless you need to make installment payments.

Yearly Household Income Suggested Tuition Amount Tuition Scale



Full tuition for your camper + Fairness Fund contribution (full support of 2 other campers)



Full tuition for your camper + Fairness Fund contribution (full support of 1 other camper)






Sliding Scale



Sliding Scale



Sliding Scale

$39k and under


Sliding scale

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are able to, we invite you to contribute to our Fairness Fund by paying a little more. Any amount beyond $400 is considered a gift that is tax deductible, and that will help another camper attend that is not able to afford tuition. 


Additionally, this year we are excited to be able to offer two types of scholarships:

We See You Scholarship
This scholarship is open to all campers who identify as any of the following:

  • students of color

  • indigenous

  • trans

  • genderqueer

  • gender nonconforming

  • nonbinary

  • students with disabilities

We are offering this new scholarship in order to better serve and reflect our Twin Cities community. To apply for this scholarship, please following the following steps:
1. Fill out this five minute form to let us know that you are interested in applying for the We See You Scholarship
2. Our staff will be in touch with you within 48 hours
3. If accepted (it is unlikely that campers who qualify will be turned away from this scholarship), we will send you registration information.

Laura Jeffrey Academy Scholarship
This option is open to any current and incoming Laura Jeffrey Academy student. It is a full scholarship. To obtain the scholarship, please be sure to contact AND Ms. Lizzie ( prior to registering.  Further instructions will then be sent to you.

Please e-mail with any questions regarding tuition or scholarships.


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August 3rd-7th TEEN WEEK session for ages 13-18 

If you have already registered for camp, please be sure to fill out the secondary registration form that you received through email!