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Please read the following information and make sure you are available for all camp, orientation and roadie dates/hours for each week of camp you are applying for BEFORE filling out an application.
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She Rock She Rock (SR2) is a Minnesota based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks through the art of music. We provide an inclusive environment that values collaboration and diversity, develops leadership skills and fosters self-confidence. Through our music education programs and events, we believe that creative expression can evoke social change, challenge gender stereotypes and encourage a climate of support within our community.

Get involved with She Rock She Rock and help actualize our mission by becoming a strong, positive mentor for our participants!

We are continually working to cultivate a supportive community of peers and positive mentors that empower our participants.  It is not necessarily our goal to make musical virtuosos out of our camp participants. Rather, it is to create a supportive, inclusive environment so that campers can feel comfortable when taking musical and creative risks they might not be able to do in another setting. We work within a social justice lens and seek folks who are willing to teach, learn and grow within our Points of Unity framework.

Currently, we are seeking women, trans, and nonbinary folks to be coaches and mentors at our 2020 camp sessions. We are looking for musicians, counselors, educators, volunteers and more to help with our camp sessions. In order to best serve our campers, we want to ensure that our teachers and coaches reflect their multitude of identities. We believe that camp is strongest when our campers can see themselves in their mentors. Because of this, folks who identify as any of the following are strongly encouraged to apply: people of color, indigenous, trans, nonbinary, genderqueer and/or folks with disabilities.


Women's Rock n Roll Retreat (WRRR) is a three day adult music program for women, trans and nonbinary folks ages 19+. At WRRR, 36 participants will come together to learn or expand their knowledge of an instrument (electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals), form a band, write original songs, attend music and media workshops, and put on a showcase concert for the community.
Camp will be held April 3-5th at Laura Jeffrey Academy in St. Paul
LJA is fully ADA accessible. 

Girls Rock n Roll Retreat (GRRR) is a unique five day music program for girls, trans and nonbinary youth ages 9-16 and ages 13-18 at our teen week. At GRRR, participants of all musical skill levels will take instrument instruction of their choice from vocals, electric guitar, bass, keys, drums or electronic digital instrument (PUSH controller), form a band and collaboratively write a song in their band. Additionally, campers will take workshops on self-defense, media literacy, anti-racism, anti-oppression and activism. Camp concludes with a live rock show where all formed bands at GRRR perform their songs for the community. 
Details to be announced in Late January, 2020. 

Click on a job below to see descriptions and time commitments of the positions we currently have available:

WRRR Teacher

GRRR Teacher

GRRR Power Coach

GRRR Junior Counselor

All new WRRR Teachers:
    -Fill out an application that includes a video of you playing your chosen instrument (alone or with a band is fine). If technology is an issue, please contact Sam!
    -Participate in an in-person interview

All new GRRR Teachers and Junior Counselors must:
    -Learn one of the camp cover songs to include in your application. If technology is an issue, please contact Sam at!
    -Fill out an application that includes a video of you playing one of the cover songs
    -Participate in an in-person interview

All new Power Coaches must:
    -Fill out an application
    -Participate in an in-person interview

All returning WRRR & GRRR teachers, junior counselors and power coaches must:
    -Fill out an application



Applications for NEW teachers can be found here
Applications for returning teachers can be found here
Applications for WRRR will be open from December 16th-January 29th
Applications for GRRR will open on February 3rd. 

Camp Cover songs

All new teachers and junior counselors for Girls Rock n Roll Retreat must learn one of out of the six cover songs. Please submit a video (can be as simple as a phone video) of you performing one of the cover songs on the instrument you would most like to teach at camp. If you click on the title, you will be directed to a chart of the song in the key that we'll be performing/teaching in at camp. We'll be using these songs as a teaching tool at camp. If you are unable to create/upload a video, please contact Sam to figure out the best solution!

Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill (Key of Bb)

I Rock, You Rock, She Rock- SR2 Theme Song (Key of A)


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