Camp Details & FAQs

GRRR is holding four sessions in 2020 for girls, trans and nonbinary youth.  Two of the sessions will be for ages 9-16, one session for ages 9-13 and one session will be for teens ages 13-18. The camp is held from 9am-5pm daily, and the Friday concerts will be at 3pm & 6pm.  Camp will conclude at 8pm on Friday. 

In order for us to serve as many youth as possible, campers are only allowed to attend ONE week of camp this year.

Campers are required to be at camp all hours, all days: 9am-5pm on Mon-Thurs, and 9am-8pm on Friday.   Each morning of camp, parents will need to check their campers in between 8:30-9am.  Parents MUST pick their children up between 5-5:30pm at the end of each camp day, Mon-Thurs, and between 8-8:30pm on Friday at the concert venue.  This year, we'll be offering additional child care options before (7:30-8:30am) and after (5:00-6:00pm) camp!

On the Friday of each camp week, campers will be able to showcase their original songs written at TWO showcases! This will be the culmination of their entire week's work at camp.  Campers are expected to perform in both concerts.  

All camp locations are ADA accessible and the showcase venues are ADA friendly. 

Girls Rock n Roll Retreat 2020 dates & locations:

GRRR I - July 13 - 17 @ Laura Jeffrey Academy, St Paul (ages 9-16)
GRRR II - July 20 - 24 @ Laura Jeffrey Academy, St Paul (ages 9-16)
GRRR III - July 27 - 31 @ Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis (ages 9-13)
GRRR IV - Aug 3 - Aug 7 @ Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis (ages 13-18)

Showcase concerts:
James Ballentine Uptown VFW
2916 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Shows are at 3pm & 6pm each day

Please read all camp FAQ's before registering! 

* A bag lunch and snacks for later in the afternoon. (A meal will be provided Friday evening in between the two concerts. Snacks will also be available for purchase.)
* Notebook
* Pencils & pens
* Wear comfortable clothes!
* Drummers: bring drumsticks if you have them, if not- we've got plenty!
* Guitarists and bassists: bring your guitar or bass if you have one, along with your instrument cable.  If you don't have any of these items, we will loan them to you!

Who can come to camp?
Any girl, trans or nonbinary youth is welcome at camp! No prior musical experience is necessary. 

How much is camp tuition?
The actual cost to the organization for each camper is $650, while the full tuition rate is set at $400.  In addition, we utilize a “sliding scale” model for tuition to make camp accessible to as many girls, trans and nonbinary youth who wish to attend as possible. In the sliding scale model, you determine your tuition based on your income, with the help of our guidelines. We also offer before and after care for an additional $50. 

Do you offer any scholarships?
Yes!  We have two types of scholarships this year.  First we have the We See You Scholarship, open to campers who identify as disabled, students of color, indigenous, trans, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, and/or nonbinary. Secondly, we have the Laura Jeffrey Academy Scholarship, open to any current or incoming LJA student. You can read more about the scholarship process here.

Why can't my camper sign up for vocals only?
We are offering vocal instruction to all the campers this year, however, we feel it is very beneficial for all singers to have knowledge of an instrument, as well as all instrumentalists being able to sing.  Providing instrument instruction to vocalists will help create a more well-rounded music experience.  We have all instruments available at camp, so you don't need to own one! 

Why do vocalists have to pick an instrument to study during instrument class?
Since we have all campers study an instrument at camp, choosing the "Vocals" option guarantees that your camper will be one of the singers in their band but will also be learning an instrument.  So during the instrument class in the morning, they would take either a guitar, bass, drums or keyboard class, and during band rehearsal in the afternoon, they would be one of the lead vocalists (there are typically two vocalists per band).

If my camper chooses Vocals/Guitar, do they play both in their band?
We cannot guarantee that any camper will be playing an instrument in addition to singing in their band.  Signing up as a vocalist means the camper is one of the designated vocalists in their band, and the instrument they chose is for studying in instrument class.  If they are interested in singing AND playing an instrument in their band- it will be up to the band to make that decision as a group.  The band will most likely already have all of the other instrument slots filled, as most bands are comprised of 2 singers, 2 guitar players, 1 keyboard player, 1 bass player and 1 drummer.  

Do you accept beginners at your camp?
Yes, we do accept all levels of players, beginners-advanced and we have plenty of instruments to borrow!

Do you provide instruments at camp?
We provide drums, keyboards, PA systems, microphones, and music stands for the campers to use.  We also have some loaner electric guitars and basses that campers can borrow for the week if they don't own one.  We have a form that the camper and guardian must fill out at camp prior to borrowing an instrument, and you will do that Monday morning during check in.

The instrument my camper wants to play at camp is full, what should I do?
We encourage all campers to try a new instrument at camp! So, if your first choice is full, consider registering for a new instrument. Remember, no experience is necessary to attend camp. We also have a waiting list that you can fill out if your camper is set on the one instrument OR your age group is filled. 

What is an electronic digital instrument?
This is an instrument that uses digital information to make sound. This year at camp, we'll be using an Ableton Push instrument (which we would be able to loan you).  Campers are able to create drum beats, write synth lines and riffs and produce their own songs with the Push. The Push is used in all of our Beats By Girlz classes. Campers who choose the electronic digital instrument will still be put into a band to collaboratively write songs. 

My camper only has an acoustic guitar.  Can they use that at the camp?
Guitar and bass players MUST use electric instruments (they can be acoustic electric, but not just acoustic- they need to have a pickup in them to be heard over the drummers!).  We have plenty of electric guitars to loan out if you don't have one!  Also, if you need advice in regards to purchasing an instrument, we can help with that too.  Email with further inquiries.

Do guitarists and bassists have to bring their own amps?
No, guitarists and bassists need to only bring their own instruments and pick.  We provide amps, drum sets, microphones, keyboards, music stands, and P.A.s for the campers to use.

Can my camper request to be put into a band with a friend who is also signing up?
Our goal at GRRR is to encourage campers to make new friends and promote musical growth.  In order to accomplish this, there is a chance that friends and siblings will be parted.  We strive to put the bands together based on three factors; the camper's experience level, their age and their musical interests.  There will still be plenty of time for friends to hang out during workshops, lunchtime, and other activities each day!

Are there any options for returning and/or advanced campers?
Yes!  We will have new workshops this year, as well as the opportunity for advanced students to take classes in new instruments and study advanced songwriting techniques!  In addition, we are offering a teen camp for camper's ages 13-18 the week of August 3rd at our Minneapolis location!

If my camper has some conflicts during the week of camp (sports, etc), can they still attend?
We ask that your camper fully commit to being at camp for the entire week which is 9-5, M-Th and 9-7:30, on Friday.  If they will have to miss any time at camp, we ask that you consider signing them up for another week of camp or looking at one of our after-school programs in the fall which occur only once a week.  At camp, campers are put into bands, and much like any other kind of team, they all count on each other to be at all their band rehearsals and the final concerts.  If one of them is missing, it makes it difficult for the rest of the band to move forward, and we feel that is not fair to the other campers.

Can my camper attend more than one session of GRRR?
No.  In order to serve as many participants in our community as we possibly can, we are limiting attendance to GRRR to one session per camper.  

Do you offer before and after-camp care?
Yes- we will have a camp counselor on premises beginning at 7:30am in the morning and staying until 6:00pm in the evening in an effort to make this camp accessible to all youth who want to attend camp. Before and after care costs $50 for full-tuition campers. All participants that receive a scholarship OR pay a sliding scale tuition do not have to pay for before & after care. 

If I need to cancel prior to camp, does GRRR offer a refund?
In the event you need to cancel, you must notify us by June 1st to receive a refund (less a $25.00 deposit).  No refunds will be available after June 1st, but if a situation arises where a cancellation needs to be made, the tuition price can be considered a donation to She Rock She Rock and we can write you a tax-deduction receipt.

What does a typical day at GRRR look like? 
Most days, we start with a camp assembly to prepare campers for the day. After that, campers will go to small group instrument instruction. During instrument instruction, campers will learn different cover songs. A longer band rehearsal is next where campers will work together to create their own songs. Next, campers have a lunch break followed by a guest performance of a local band. After, campers will go to art class to design their own band logo and create posters, buttons and screen printed t-shirts with the logo. Campers will then go to a workshop that's topic could include media literacy, women's history in music, gender & identity, anti-oppression training, self-defense, and/or activism. Campers will then have another hour of band rehearsal and will finish off the day with a closing assembly. 

Besides music, what else do you teach at GRRR? 
We want to empower the campers that come to GRRR. Because of this, we believe it is important to provide more then a musical education. In addition to music workshops (such as songwriting & music history), we present workshops on topics such as gender identity, anti-oppression training, anti-bullying, self-care, representation in media (movies, music, news, TV, etc), and activism. Workshops are always presented at an age appropriate level (younger campers will be split from older campers) and are very student led. We give the campers a safe space to critically think about new ideas and discuss their ideas.

Two weeks of camp are being held at a church, are you a religious organization? Is the church LGBTQIA+ friendly?
No, we are a secular nonprofit organization with no religious affiliation. We offer programs at all sorts of venues from schools to community centers to music studios and coffee shops. HAUMC provides space to community organizations at a reasonable price and central location. Additionally, they align with our values of inclusivity and social justice. HAUMC has posted this message, from one of their leaders Judy Zabel, regarding LGBTQIA+ inclusion, "[At HAUMC], we will continue to be a welcoming, safe, and supportive community for LGBTQIA+ people. We will continue to support the inclusion of all people... Now more than ever before, LGBTQIA+ persons and their families who have repeatedly been rejected and harmed...need a community that stands firmly together with them, with love, courage, and.... [HAUMC] will continue to be that community."

How do the campers get to the showcase venue?
We will be taking a bus!  Parents/Guardians will pick up your camper from the showcase venue, AFTER the shows are over on Friday.

What is the difference between the regular session of GRRR and the teen session?
Besides the fact that the regular sessions are for campers ages 8-16 and the teen session is for campers ages 13-18, the main difference will be that our workshops (media literacy, gender studies and activism) will be tailored specifically for our teen audience.

Are there volunteer or teaching opportunities for GRRR?
Yes! We need many music teachers and volunteers for each session of GRRR! You can find more information at our Coach At Our Camps page.